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Welcome to EMBnet Norway, the Norwegian National EMBnet node. We are part of EMBnet , a worldwide network of academic and commercial bioinformatics centres that share their expertise to bring you the best possible service. EMBnet has nodes on all continents, more than 200 professional bioinformaticians and IT professionals collectively serving approximately 30,000 researchers through provision of local computational resources, training courses and consultancy. The Norwegian EMBnet node offers a variety of services to the Bioinformatics community:

-Access to updated biological sequence databases: Including flat file mirroring and distribution (FTP/rsync via ssh), automated distribution of formatted databases to user hosts.
-Bioinformatics sequence analysis tools: The node supports EMBOSS, Accelrys GCG and MRS as its main biological sequence analysis and sequence mining suites amongst other application services. All supported applications have access to updated databases.
-Data storage capabilities: Need a reliable and scalable way to store your research data? The node contains a fast and reliable storage system with daily incremental backup to safeguard the availability of your genome sequences, databases, documents and pictures.


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