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The Norwegian EMBnet node provides a computational environment that provisions access to updated versions of various sequence databases, as well as software development tools. The node can also provide access to additional databases on request and specializes in the provision of consultancy help for server system setup, web portal and bioinformatics applications development.

Node Sequence Databases

To see which databases are used in the Node Servers, click here. If you can't find the database you need, email the Node manager.

UNIX command line Bioinformatics Interfaces

The command line services provide the ideal environment for the power bioinformatician. Each service provides shell level access to a LINUX server, with all major programming language tools (C/C++, PERL, JAVA), pre-configured bioinformatics tools and a personal 40 Gigabyte user storage area with backup. If you use the web links below, you need to have a Java Runtime Environment and JavaScript enabled. If you interface via a separate SSH client, please have a look at this document.

World Wide Web Bioinformatics Interfaces

Hosted server and web application portal setup

Data storage capabilities


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